Futile Muziek Fiorenzo Bodrato:

Fiorenzo Bodrato:     double bass

Luca Calabrese:        trumpet

Carlo Actis Dato:       tenor & bariton saxes, bass clarinet

Chiquitico:                 percussions

Dario Mazzucco:       drums

Recorded live@ “Officine Sonore-Vercelli” on January 12, 2010.


Paesani, Dalpozzo, Mazzucco TRIO

Lorenzo Paesani:    piano

Luca Dalpozzo:       double bass

Dario Mazzucco:     drums

Recorded & mixed@ Wide Sound Studios (Teramo) IT, between July and December 2010.

“Wayne Shorter’s music as a playground where anyone can play. The freedom to take apart and put togheter the pieces of the puzzle, referring to the image on the box every now and again. (...) a homage to Wayne Shorter’s art and to Wayne Shorter  the man, who peers into each of us  whit effortless grace.”


Dario Mazzucco 4tet

Dario Mazzucco:    drums

Stacy Dillard:          tenor saxophone

Lucio Ferrara:         guitar

Ryan Berg:             double bass

Antonio Ciacca:      piano (tracks 7, 9)

Recorded and mixed@Caleidoscope Sound in Union City, NJ,

on March 27th and 27th, 2009.

from John Riley`s original notes:

"(....)The music on this CD is rooted yet fresh and that makes it a pleasure to listen to. Enjoy”.



Barbara Adly:        vocals

Pierluigi Aielli:       guitars

Pietro Canali:        wurlitzer and piano

Ettore Formicone: double bass

Dario Mazzucco:   drums

Recorded on 2-inch tape by Howard Bilerman@hotel2tango in Montreal on October 2007.

“(....) a great little delightful record”. (Roadtracks-DE)


Federico Benedetti 4tet:

Federico Benedetti:       alto sax

Davide Brillante:            guitar

Roberto Bartoli:             double bass

Dario Mazzucco:           drums

Recorded and mixed@modulab studio, Casalecchio di Reno (BO) on 4th & 5th July, 2009.

Four for Lennie: tribute to Lennie Tristano.


Jean De La Jovenc:

Jean De La Jovenc: lyrics, samplers, computers, voice, synth

Massimo Bosi:         piano (track 11)

Victoria Bonet:         vocals (track 5)

ToBork Ram:           computer (track 9)

Dario Mazzucco      drums (tracks 2, 4)

Composed, produced, recorded and mixed by

Giovanni Dal Monte.


Andrea Ferrario 4tet:

Andrea Ferrario:       tenor saxophone

Lucio Ferrara:           guitar

Giulio Oliverio:          piano

Salvatore Lauriola:   double bass

Dario Mazzucco:      drums

“...il disco si impone piacevolmente per l’efficacia nella scrittura dei temi: linee melodiche tanto precise quanto gradevoli, come di rado capita di ascoltare nei temi originali del giovane hard bop italiano” (giugno 2007, G.M. Musica Jazz)


Alberto Mandarini Phoebus Ensemble:

Alberto Mandarini:      trumpet & flugelhorn

Gianpiero Malfatto:     trombone

Emilio Costantini:       alto & tenor saxes, voice

Claudio Bianzino        tenor & soprano saxes

Stefano Profeta:         guitars, sitar

Enrico Caruso:           piano & keyboards

Enrico Paronuzzi:       piano & keyboards, voice

Giovanni Codogno:    bass

Dario Mazzucco:        drums

Recorded from 4th to 7th of May 1998@tenuta Noseglio, Vercelli, by Enrico Paronuzzi.


Union Jazz Band

A. Vaccari, AS - S. Colella AS - E. Vernizzi, TS - G. Contri, TS - M. Vignali, BS - F. Benevelli, AS - A. Creola, BS - F. Capiluppi, S. Coppellini, D, Frabetti, M. M. Pontegavelli, TP - S. Pedarzoli, E. Pozzi, F. Pierantoni, R. Bertonelli, TB - L. Barbieri, PF - Mirko Scarcia, CB - D. Mazzucco - DR.

GUEST: Flavio Boltro,  TP

               Gegé Munari  DR

Live rec. at “Sala Cantelli” Vignola (MO) on 27/28 feb. 2011.


Nicholas Thomas 4tet

Nicholas Thomas :         vibraphone

Marco Ferri:                   tenor saxophone

Enrico Lazzarini:            double bass

Dario Mazzucco:            drums

december 2009


Andrea Buffa 4tet

Andrea Buffa:        sax, bass clarinet

Carlo Actis Dato:   sax, bass clarinet

Fiorenzo Bodrato: double bass, cello

Dario Mazzucco:   drums

Rec. on feb 12 & 13, 2011@FunnyHouseStudio, Pino Torinese.

"ironically nostalgic, suspended between past and future, between composition and improvisation, colorful and unpredictable: music for dancing, dreaming, running, driving, eating, walking...(...)”


Paesani, Dalpozzo, Mazzucco TRIO


Lorenzo Paesani:    piano/wurlitzer

Luca Dalpozzo:       double bass

Dario Mazzucco:     drums

Recorded & mixed@ Wide Sound Studios (Teramo) IT, on 26 & 27 November 2012.

“Imbiss” is a project based on journeys, rehearsals, impressions, conversations, arguments and (obviously) fun that the Trio has experienced during one year of performances throughout Europe, resulting in an exploration of different music languages (from written music to radical improvisation, from free form to a more mainstream jazz idiom) colliding together in the trio interplay.

The Imbissʼ aesthetic is heavily influenced by modern and contemporary cinema and literature.





POW-BEE buffa battaglia bodrato mazzucco

Stefano Battaglia:  piano     

Andrea Buffa:        sax, bass clarinet

Fiorenzo Bodrato: double bass, cello

Dario Mazzucco:   drums

Recorded (July 22, 2013), mixed and mastered (January 15, 2015) at Artesuono Recording Studios (Udine, Italy)

This work of collective composition combines the taste of Italian melody with the sound of contemporary European jazz. Nine tracks provide a huge variety of moods from pop to free, from chamber music to funk, from the atmosphere of northern Europe to blues. But, as Andrea Buffa says, whatever the mood, this new quartet devotes itself entirely to the sound representation of the daily attempts to live their dreams.